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Mexican hospitality
Submitted by gaele on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 - 10:57english · Mexico

7 mei 2003

Playa San Pedrito, Baja California Sur. Camping on the beach, the shorebreak of the Pacific Ocean right in front of me. A superb site.

The last night of my stay I had Mexican neighbours. When I left they invited me to Cabo San Lucas. Next to their house they had a camper I could use. I could stay as long as I wanted. This invitation resulted in some of the most remarkable days so far.

During four days I enjoyed the hospitality of Ramiro, Ana, Andrea and Ana Laura. Ramiro is a gardener. Out of his simple house he build a real palace. Flowers and plants all around the house, a nice place to have breakfast in the backyard. And a whole new level under a palapa on the roof, serving as the "living room".

Ramiro is an even more relaxed guy than me. We could get along with each other pretty well. He has plenty of work to choose from, but works only five hours per day. Has several jobs at office buildings and homes of American owners.

He took me to one of his jobs in the "American" area of Cabo San Lucas. He acted as my guide and took plenty of time to tell me about the city, the people, the country, the changes resulting form the tourism in Baja California Sur, and of course about himself. And he liked to cook too! Every day he served me delicious meals with great joy.

The ladies were very friendly as well. One night we went for a walk, and they showed me the city and the harbour. And I will not forget how Ana waked me one day singing along with Mercedes Sosa on the radio. The first time I liked a Spanish song.

Of course I told them about me, my family and the Netherlands. I never knew how much fun it could be to tell a foreigner about such (for me) boring things like cheese, canals and the flatness of my country. And I wished I had a picture of an average Dutch street with "rijtjeshuizen".

They all were very helpful with me speaking Spanish. They talked slowly and waited patiently until I produced another sentence. Corrected me and explained new words. I really learned a lot those days.

However, most of all I just enjoyed living with a Mexican family, picking up their pace, tasting a bit of true Mexico.

Ramiro, Ana, Andrea y Ana Laura, muchas gracias por la hospitalidad!

No wait, one more thing! Starting this June a big Hollywood movie production called "Troy" will be recorded around Cabo San Lucas. Based on the Iliad of Homer, starring Brad Pitt. And maybe appearing Ramiro and Andrea. In a few weeks they will know.


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